Camille | Magic Green 50ml

Camille Magic Green is a protecting and caring skin ointment, also called skin energy booster. Our body can only function optimally when both the source and flow of energy are in balance. You may remember chlorophyll from your biology class. It is the green substance present in leaves that enables plants to absorb nutrients and gives them their beautiful colour. It is a group of pigments that can be found in plant and algae chloroplasts. The pigments absorb sunlight and convert it into energy.A superfood that benefits plants and humans alike! It is a source of quite a few vitamins, such as A, C, E and K. We all know that good skin comes from the inside out. That made several dermatologists in America wonder if the opposite would also hold true. They have increasingly started using chlorophyll as an ingredient in serums and skincare products. This pure balm is unscented and can also be used for sensitive skin. In order to allow the skin to reap the benefits of chlorophyll even more, Camille added ‘natural chlorophyll’ and sunflower seed oil as ingredients for a multi-purpose balm: Protecting the skin Softens cuticles Smooths the skin Calms acne Calms redness Dry lip care Skincare for bruises Used in foot and energy massages Ready for a hydrated, oxygenated, plump and pollution-protected skin? With natural ingredients, Camille makes your skin shine again!
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